SWD AG produced more than one million bonded stator segments on the automated BPS® system

SWD AG is producing lamination stacks with bonding varnish since many years and we have developped the technologies and processes substantially. Based on this long term experience, we have lifted the production of stator segments to new levels with our BPS® Backpaketiersystem®. In varoius projects, we support our customers from a full stator to a segmented version, from small series to largest series productions with millions of parts.

In the mean time, we have produced and delivered 1’000’000 stator segments on our BPS® system!

1’000’000 stator segments means:

  • 1’000’000 highest quality and highest precision lamination stacks without any customer complaint regarding geometry or bonding quality and stiffness
  • 1’000’000 sets of data, each representing main quality data of one stator segment as: raw material lot, number of sheets, length, schrinking during bonding process, a.s.o.!
  • 1’000’000 sets of data representing the quality of the raw material and its coating with bonding varnish

We are at the beginning of a hughe development towards highests quality, higher output, shorter cycles and lower costs.

The technology not only fits single tooth segments, but also asynchronous motors.

We offer a complete service from consulting, prototypes up to largest serial productions in your own promises. Do not hesitate to contact us!