SWD AG became 25 years old. A technology day, a BPS(R) celebration and a big employee event have been the events to celebrate this milestone. The counsellor of Kanton Aargau, Landstatthalter Dr. Urs Hofmann has visited us and presented his congratulations

Electrical sheet, Electrical sheet stacks, Bonding varnish/Backlack, Innovations, Technologies, potentials are the main topics of SWD AG!

A technology day has opened the celebrations. During several presentations, Backlack and its advantages have been demonstrated. From the raw material, to the coating with bonding varnish (Backlack) to the production of prototypes with laser cutting, wire eroding, blanking, single notching or small single tooth tools, the possibilities have been presented.

Subsequently, large series productions have been the topic. Starting with the Backpaketiersystem® – BPS®, the fully automated production of single teeth segments, following the Einplatzpaketiersystem – EPS for the fast bonding of complete rotors and stators, connected and synchronised to the punching press. The punching of electrical sheet with bonding varnish and the pre-stacking with special (bonding)interlockings was presented.

A pre-view to the integration of additional production processes and the use of augmented reality technologies, to improve production processes and the operation of production systems, was demonstrated life.

The subsequent BPS®-celebration, the last 8 years of the development of the BPS® technology has been showed and the involved companies and people have been honored. For this event, artist Peter “BO” Bolliger hass created the picture “Urknall”.

The pictures shows “the time and the power which was needed, to produce high precision stator segments from electrical sheet with bonding varnish (Backlack) coating.

Each of the involved parties has been presented an autographed, numbered and unique sample of the picture to thank for their contribution to this fantastic new technology.