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SWD AG is a long term supplier for stamped and bended parts for GOTEC SA, a Swiss based and international well recognised supplier of pumps for different applications. Due to a phase out of one product, both companies had a meeting to discuss the termination of the supplies including the remaining tasks to be performed. During the meeting, technician and buyer of the pump manufacturer where invited for a factory tour in our promises. Frankly speaking, they where heavily impressed by our products and technologies and they suddenly came up with a challenge, they were faced with: the re-design of the long-term high runner pump product. The re-design shall span the whole product from the pump, to the copper coil and the lamination frame. So far, the lamination frame was done in two halfes from electrical steel, each half was riveted and then the two halves where welded together. A quite complex and costly process chain.

SWD immediately took up the challenge and began to think about alternative solutions and proposed different designs of stacks, bonding, welding, couplings to interconnect the halfes a.s.o. This process took several month, until the idea was concrete enough so that SWD could produce a first set of sample stacks of a new design with different grades of electrical steel to test the influence of the material. The tests performed with the sample stacks showed, that the new stacking technologies increases the efficiency significantly and due to the fact that the stack is part of the housing, the look and feel of the product becomes much more precious. Not to forget that the total cost could be reduced out of the optimization of the lamination stack.

So, the road was open to start an even closer cooperation than before between Gotec SA and SWD AG.

This story shows, how the new technologies can bring your products ahead. Sometimes in areas where you no not expect it. So, rather than struggling around with well known technologies and suppliers, do not hesitate to contact us with your challenge – SWD AG – your challenge is our drive!

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