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The Backpaketiersystem® – BPS® is more than a new technology. The BPS® is a highly automated manufacturing solution for the production of bonded/Backlack stator segments.

All production parameters digitally stored, continuous monitoring of production efficiency, generation of digital twins of each physical stator segment, 100% measurement of main characteristics and input of samples with automated analysis functions, remote support and machine learning are features which leverage the BPS® to a complete production solution for your stator production.

The next development steps of the Backpaketiersystem® – BPS® are under implementation. A complete system for fully automated production of high precision, bonded/Backlack stator segments, connected with the following manufacturing processes at your production plant. No need to have detailed knowledge about punching, stacking or bonding processes. An operator operates the system according to real time instructions from the system.

Many features are part of the solution as:


  •  Monitoring of the punching tools and easy plug’n’play exchange of punching tools
  • 100% monitoring and measurement of important characteristics, generation of trends
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring of the production data to correct and improve production parameters for highest quality
  • Monitoring functions worldwide available trough secured internet access
  • Instructions for the operator, remote support, soon supported by augmented reality technologies

Already today, large series are produced based on this full automated production system. Contact us and learn, how the Backpaketiersystem® – BPS® – can produce your stator segments.

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