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The EPS – Einplatzpaketiersystem was developed over the last 4 years. Our track record from the BPS® technology and its «high speed bonding» was the base for this brand new system. After one year of build up and optimization, the system was put in operation recently for the production of bonded rotors for an e-mobility customer.

The system produces more than 500’000 bonded rotor stacks per year with a cycle time of <35s per part. Thus, the synchronisation between punching and stacking/bonding is reality.

The system is a modular system, containing 3 single modules which are interconnected. The modularity sets the flexibility to adapt to different part sizes, volumes and ramp-up scenarios. So, investments can be aligned with the production volumes. Also, the SWD [sg_popup id=1987 event=”click”] Digitalization[/sg_popup] solution is put in place, thus containing bonding receipts, digital twins, process data archives, data analysis and process improvements.

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