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Today, stator and rotor lamination stacks are often produced from different raw materials. The reason for that are different requirements regarding mechanical strength, magnetizability, permeability, a.s.o. Therefore, rotor and stator laminations are no longer punched from the same material and the inner diameter of the stator can’t be used to stamp the rotor in a progressive tool. A solution to overcome this shortfall is segmentation. Segmentation allows to increase material usage.


While combining segmentation with bonding varnish/Backlack, many benefits are unveiled:


  • Better magnetic properties due to the segmentation and evenly insulated lamination sheet due to bonding varnish interconnection
  • Mechanically highly precise stacks resulting in a narrow tolerance range of the stator diameter and narrow fit into the housing, thus enabling safe torque transmission over a wide temperature range
  • High strength interconnection of the laminations resulting in a mechanically highly stable and robust stack which can be processed highly automated
  • No cushioning, no liquid absorption, less vibrations and therefore less noise
  • Higher iron filling factor due to the bonding varnish technology and higher copper filling factor achievable due to very robust stack which can be wound with copper tighter

From samples…

We are offering a complete service and the know-how required to transform the full stator into a segmented stator for large series production. Together with you, we find the optimal geometry, build protoypes, do press fitting tests, temperature tests, manufacture samples and continue with the series production on our fully automatic production lines. Based on simple punching and bonding tools, we produce near-series samples.

…to serial production

SWD AG has developed a revolutionary approach to produce stator teeth with bonding varnish – the so called BPS® system. All production steps from the raw material to the bonded stator segment are combined in one machine. All parameters are monitored and stored for later traceability.

We would be happy to support you in developing and producing high quality stator teeth – contact us or send us an enquiry!

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