The new production facility of SWD AG is completed. It adresses the increasing need of our technologies and products and we build the capacity to further grow our business.

The building of the new facility was staretd 1 year ago and within 9 months, the building was completed. A fast track, compliant with the DNA of SWD AG where speed is an important asset of our business. The building has been inaugurated by different events.

Additionally to the increasing demand for production capacity, the further optimisation of the material flow internally and externally was  important. Environmental aspects have been taken into consideration to. The new building has:

  • heat generation with environmentally freindly heat pumps
  • solar plant providing 118kWp of power
  • cooling water supply for the production processes with heat recovery
  • LED lighting with loewst poer consumption
  • Charing infrastructure for e-mobility cars on the campus

SWD AG is ready for the future and your needs.

Already today, large series are produced based on this full automated production system, (see news article). Contact us and learn, how the Backpaketiersystem® – BPS® – can produce your stator segments.