SWD AG strengthens its management team with two new important roles following our longterm strategic targets.

SWD AG Stator- und Rotortechnik is your technology partner in the fields of innovative, precise, fine blanking and stacking processes. The demand for our technologies and solutions for the welding and bonding of electrical sheet stacks is high and continuously growing.

Following our longterm strategy and sustainable growth targets, we are strengthening our management team with two new team members.

Ms. Nicole Pauli complements our tem in de fields of production planning, -steering and -management. Ms Pauli is a certified process specialist and economist and has longterm experience in the fields of PPS, order handling, process optimisation, project management and inventory management in industrial environments.

Mr. Alexander Benkstein complements our team in the fields of process development, quality managemet and technology innovation. Mr. Benkstein holds an university degree in physics and has longterm experience in technical sales, technology development and quality management in the fields of electrical motors.

Ms. Pauli has already started in her new role, Mr Benkstein will join us by 1st of October 2019. Both experts are highly motivated to fuel the grow of SWD AG as technology company, developper of processes for the production of lamination stacks and as serial producer.

We are happy to welcome the two high level experts in our team to further support our growing customer base with best in class solutions!

Nicole Pauli

Alexander Benkstein