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The visit of Winfried Kretschmann, prime minister of Baden-Württemberg and Urs Hofmann, counsellor of Kanton Aargau at the high tech company SWD AG was a highlight.

The visit at SWD AG was setup to talk about promotion of innovations, digitalization and industry 4.0. SWD AG was selected as a best practice example. The top-class delegation was taken on a journey from the early start of SWD AG to presence and into the future. Advantages of new stacking technologies as bonding/Backlack, new processes enabled by digitalization and new business models were an important part of the talks.

Our Backpaketiersystem® – BPS® production system was praised as pioneering example to combine new technologies together with new business opportunities in a digital world. The fully automated production of bonded/Backlack stator segments (T-segments) on the BPS® system ensures highest efficiency and product quality. The generation and storage of production data and digital twins ensures detailed traceability as no other production concept for lamination stacks can provide. The BPS® punching unit ensures highest material usage and minimal waste. It is a very important technology for the future of e-mobility.

Additionally, the several digitalization projects of SWD AG have been of interest. Some examples are: full and complete storage of production data, full and complete, order related time recording, monitoring of the availability of the manufacturing equipment.

Above you can find some pictures of the event (source: AZ medien online):

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